The family of Jawns. From left to right is the Lil Jawn, Standard Jawn, and Big Jawn.

The slotted feature of The Jawn allows you to tie with any size jig hook or bent shank, as shown above.

The knurls inside both flares of The Jawn allow you to grip fibers once you push them backwards. This allows for precise placement of fibers such as with this split color minnow imitation.

Several musky and striper sized streamers tied with The Standard Jawn.

Bucktail is tied onto the hook shank facing forward towards the eye.

The Big Jawn is then removed and tied in place backwards, providing bulk and increasing durability.

The material is then pushed backwards using the Big Jawn, evenly distributing the fibers while keeping your fingers clear of hook points.

The completed tie, in this case a revamped Mepps Magnum Musky Killer!

Smallmouth and trout sized flies tied using reverse tying techniques.

Jawns work great for any material, not just bucktail. Here, Steve Farrar SF Blend is used to create a Mega Game Changer. The Lil Jawn (Left) is used on the smaller tail sections while The Standard Jawn (Right) is ideal for the main hook.

The end result - an incredibly light, durable MGC! Made possible by reverse tying SF fibers with The Jawn.

Jake Villwock from Relentless Fly Fishing showing The Jawn's versatility with material by tying a mallard game changer.

The smallmouth approve!

Fantastic video from Mad River Outfitters showcasing The Jawn and it's uses.

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